Turnkey Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Projects

Project Planning

Hall Engineering Project Planning team has both the people and experience to properly help customers optimize project plans. With an extensive database of past project “best practices” and “lessons learned” Hall Engineering is able to reduce the cost and duration of almost any project. Hall Engineering collaborates with owners, construction managers, and engineers during the project planning phase to:

Review Work Scopes, Milestones, Specifications, & Drawings
Provide Budgets
Provide Value Engineering to:
Save Project Cost


Hall Engineering has the ability to add an additional layer of Owner/Customer value with any Design/Build project.  Design/Build projects are statistically proven to reduce both project cost and project duration.  Design/Build projects also provide an additional avenue to reduce safety hazards during construction.  With experience in nearly every market sector Hall Engineering is uniquely qualified…

Project Management

The Hall Project Management team is a highly skilled and experienced group of trained professionals that follow standardized quality procedures to ensure that each project is executed to plan.  Project Managers, Field Supervisors, Procurement Managers, Quality Managers, Safety Managers, and Administrative Staff perform distinct job functions, in concert, to meet customer project cost and schedule…

Project Scheduling

Hall Engineering uses Project Scheduling as a Project Planning and Project Management tool.  This allows the Project Planning and Project Management Teams to: Identify and eliminate critical path constraints Level manpower to optimize labor resources Identify potentially overlooked precedent work Manage material logistics and equipment Accurately track and report construction progress Hall Engineering is able…