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Jan 16

Hall Engineering Mission Statement

As an electrical contractor, we will achieve customer confidence and employee satisfaction by maintaining the highest level of professional integrity, continuously improving our processes and benchmarking our performance to be “Best in Class.”

Hall Engineering Quality Policy

Quality is defined as Hall Engineering Company’s commitment to our “People-Quality-Performance” philosophy in providing our contracting services.

To support this philosophy we will:

  • Ensure that all employees understand and operate according to procedures and work instructions defined by the Quality Manual.
  • Make quality the guiding principle in all our procedures.
  • Continually improve our processes, resulting in increased customer confidence and satisfaction.

“Quality” has been central to the long term success that Hall Engineering has enjoyed over the past 78 years in the Electrical Contracting Industry.  “Quality” was a direct result of the pride, excellence, and hard work that exemplified every job Hall Engineering completed.  The drive to continuously improve Customer Value as an Electrical Contractor led Hall Engineering, in 1993, to implement a formal Quality System.  The initial release of the Hall Engineering Quality System elevated the standards and expectations for every job function within Hall Engineering.  The initial effort resulted in receiving Ford Motor Company’s “Q1” Preferred Quality Award in 1996.  The desire to further enhance our Quality System, in 1997, made Hall Engineering the very first Electrical Contractor in the State of Michigan to obtain ISO Registration (ISO 9002).  In 1999, upgrading to ISO 9001:2000 Registration further increased our commitment to “Quality” and our ability to consistently exceed customer expectations.  In 2008 we updated to the ISO Q9001:2008 Registration under which we maintain our quality system yet today.

The training employees receive for each job function, within the company, is foundational to the Hall Engineering Quality System.  The Quality System dictates how we do business.  It is really very simple: We do what the company procedures state and we document what we have done.  These quality fundamentals are reinforced, at minimum, on an annual basis with training and are documented in several cross-referenced job function training manuals, including, but not limited to:

  • Project Management Training
  • Estimator Training
  • Purchasing Training
  • Jobsite Supervisor Training
  • Safety Training for all job functions including management

Continuous improvement is accomplished with careful data collection from each job function and a thorough data analysis to quickly identify any deficiencies or areas for improvement in the Quality System.  Additionally, regular internal audits and third party audits are used to evaluate the Quality system for effectiveness and robustness.  The continuing improvement of the Quality System is manifested in the Confidence, Satisfaction and Value that Hall Engineering provides each customer with every job.

Hall Engineering People + Hall Engineering Quality System = “Best in Class” Performance


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