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Commitment to Safety

Hall Engineering Company is 100% committed to the Health, Safety, and Welfare of each employee.  Furthermore, Hall Engineering is committed to eliminating, whenever possible, Environmental impacts to those that work for us, those that work alongside us, and those that we do work for.  This foundational commitment to personal safety and a safe working environment extends to every facility in which we perform work.  Hall Engineering maintains that all incidents and injuries can be prevented by ensuring employees are:

  • Properly Trained and knowledgeable about potential worksite hazards
  • Specifically certified and trained to use safe practices for potentially hazardous tasks
  • Fully committed to not only their own safety, but the safety of all those around them
  • Unconditionally supported by all levels of Management to make Safety the central focus of every job

Hall Engineering’s commitment to Personal Safety and a Safe Working Environment permeates every level of the company – from the top down.  With well-trained and knowledgeable management, supervisors, and employees we are collectively able to recognize and mitigate hazards before incidents occur.  At Hall Engineering zero injuries and incidents is not merely a goal or target, but a mandate for each and every job.

Hall Engineering has a comprehensive employee training program that utilizes hands-on, situational, classroom, video, and computer based training.  More than half of Hall Engineering’s electrical staff and multiple project managers have completed the OSHA 30 hr. class.

All Hall Engineering Electricians and Instrumentation Technicians performing work, which would require training on the NFPA 70e standards, receives it before being commissioned for duty.  All current employees and a majority of project managers have received this training.

Drug and Alcohol Testing – Hall Engineering participates in site-specific and project-specific drug and alcohol testing programs including, but not limited to:

  • MUST (Management and Unions Serving Together)
  • PTC (Pipeline Testing Consortium)
  • DISA Global Solutions.

Safety Statistics – Due to the unwavering commitment to the health and safety systems put in place, Hall Engineering is able to enjoy an OSHA Recordable Injury Rate (RIR), Days Away / Restricted and Transferred (DART) and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) significantly lower than the industry average.

  • Hall Engineering’s current 3-year average for both RIR and DART is: 0.45

Compliance Database Membership – Hall Engineering is a member of both ISNetworld and PEC Premier which are online sites for collecting, reviewing, and verifying a company’s compliance to health, safety and environmental regulations.   Hall Engineering is currently in good standing with participating clients for this process.